Thread Applique Pet portrait

I made this thread appliqué pet portrait of Bruno for my son’s 29th birthday. Bruno has captured the hearts of my son, Tristan and his fiancé, Erin.

The fur was a bit different from other animals I have done so it posed a bit of a challenge but I was pleased with the result.

I chose to paint the background in muted greys so as not to compete with that sweet little face.


IMG_0723 copy web

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift



50th anniversary 1 copy web

I wanted to create something for my sister and brother-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary but was stumped as to what to make.  Some friends in my garden club suggested I make a picture of the family home which we had sold in January after the death of our dad. My husband objected that this would have no significance to my brother-in-law but suggested  that if I included the car he would have been driving while “courting”, it would be meaningful to them both.

With some help from my niece, I tracked down the year and model of the car (1956 Ford custom.) The internet made it relatively easy to get a picture although there weren’t many with the rear view that I wanted. I remembered the car and knew it was a light green. I painted some polyester fabric for the car so it would have a sheen.

Using an older photograph, I tried to create the house and yard of our youth. I drew the house and made appliqué patterns. I painted a background which included a willow tree that had died many years ago and a snowball bush that my mother had loved and my father hated. I appliquéd the pieces using free motion embroidery and added a few flowers and the willow and snowball.  For the final touch I placed the car in the driveway.
I had it framed under glass so the photo is before it went to the framer’s.


The anniversary party was attend by a huge number of people so we decided to give family gifts at a restaurant the next day. I was pleased with their reaction although my brother-in-law didn’t have his glasses on so it was my sister, Karen, who first spotted his car.  Her reaction was heartwarming.  Karen said it showed how much he liked it when, after the meal, he  took it around showing it off to the waitress and the other people in the dining room.

Studio and Gallery Open


My teaching studio and gallery  at 683 Route 104 Burtts Corner is finished after being under construction for quite some time. My husband has done a great job creating this space.

GALLERY- The gallery is open by chance or appointment.

TEACHING-I have started with offering a series of four classes beginning in September. I hope that students will want to learn my specialities and then come back for help with their own projects. This would be a directed studies course but that will be for the future.

I would be happy to her from you about techniques you would like to learn.

See the current class schedule in Studio and web

Trip to London, Jersey and Brugge Belgium

This week I returned from my trip to the UK where I met my daughter, Lisa, and we visited London, Jersey, and Brugge Belgium.  We had a nice trip and a good visit. The crowds of people made me appreciate my home with its rural setting and wide open spaces. Below are a photo of Big Ben in London, one of Lisa on a walking trail in Jersey and one of Brugge.  I have a week left to get ready for my teaching at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge Alberta and then hope to organize the opening of my new teaching studio and gallery.London webJersey webBrugge web

Teaching Studio and Gallery

My teaching studio that has been in the works for several years is almost complete! It will be equipped  for 6 students who will each have their own ott light, power bar and sewing chair.  It is a pleasant brightly lit space with natural light from multiple windows. My husband has been working hard to finish the vestibule leading into this room. I will keep you posted as to when classes begin.

I will also be hanging some of my thread paintings so that the space doubles as a gallery.

My Entry for SAQA Atlantic Trunk Show

He Sings 1024Members of SAQA-Atlantic have put together a trunk show which represents the diversity of techniques and styles which they use in their work as art quilters. Each piece is 8 x 8 inches and is presented in a 12 x 12 inch mat. Clear presentation envelopes protect the artwork and permit it to be handled safely.

The trunk show is available to travel to meetings of quilt guilds and other interested groups. A SAQA member can accompany the show to make a presentation regarding art quilts and SAQA.

I have finished my piece entitled He Sings and here is a photo of it before it is shipped off for matting and packaging.

He Sings – January, 2015

Materials and Techniques- Hand painted background, free motion embroidery 3-d thread white- throated sparrow, free motion embroidery over yarn tree and branches, 3-d leaves.

Artist Statement:

I strive to recreate nature’s beauty realistically in my work. While my artistic medium is primarily thread, my painted fabric backgrounds support the production of landscapes and life-like three-dimensional images of birds, wildlife and portraits. My wish is to transport the viewer to a unique place, whether it is a forest stand, a beach delivering the glories of a morning sunrise, or a backyard hosting our joyous songbirds.

Designing Wearable Art at Quilt Canada 2015

Rose_Trapunto_Jacket_RearNight Watch backHave you been thinking about making a jacket, vest or cape that is distinctly “yours”?  If so, come to the  Quilt Canada 2015 in Lethbridge Alberta and take the Designing One of a Kind Wearable Art  with Kathy Tidswell on June 4 and 5. Sewers and Quilters of all levels are welcome.  This is a class designed to help you make individualized items that fit your lifestyle.  You may choose fancy or casual. In addition to learning hints on the types of patterns to choose, you will learn embellishment techniques such as lace cutwork, bobbin work, trapunto, arranging appliqués and new methods for attaching appliqués. Information will be shared on choosing batting  for quilted items, or you may choose not to quilt. My outfits often feature appliqué or appliqué and cutwork with no quilting. Come have some fun and learn some new techniques.  You will receive hints on placement of appliqués and  produce samples using free motion embroidery on a regular zigzag sewing machine. Then choose which techniques you want to incorporate in your piece and  work on your outfit under my tutelage. For more information and to register visit See more wearable art in the Gallery.


detail of hummingbird and appliquépuffin vest





Wearable Art

Wearable art doesn’t have to be ” wild” or fit only for the runway. It can be just a simple vest or jacket that you individualize. Come to the Fibre Art Festival in Amherst Nova Scotia  and take my Designing Wearable Art class on Oct. 14. Learn some new techniques and make some new friends. Sewers of all levels are welcome.

Designing One of a Kind Wearable Art

Have you been thinking about making a jacket or vest that is distinctly “yours”?  If so, come to the Fibre Arts Festival on October 14 and take the Designing One of a Kind Wearable Art  with Kathy Tidswell. Sewers and Quilters at all levels are welcome. In addition to learning hints on the types of patterns to choose, you will learn embellishment techniques such as lace cutwork, bobbin work, trapunto, arranging appliqués and methods for attaching appliqués. Information will be shared on types of batting or you may choose not to quilt. I often make vests and outfits with just appliqué or appliqué and cutwork. Come learn some new techniques. Samples will be produced using free motion embroidery on a regular zigzag sewing machine and some work on individual pieces will be started.  For more information visit or contact Kathy at 506-363-3560 or email
cutwork and applique outfitHibiscus applique vestpuffin vestdetail of hummingbird and appliqué
Would you like to create realistic images of flowers or birds totally from thread? If so come to the Fibre Arts Festival on October 15 and take the Creating With Thread from KathyTidswell. You will learn to drop the feed dogs on your regular zigzag sewing machine and create beautiful pieces that can be used in quilts, artworks, cards and wearable art.  In this class, you can choose to make flowers or birds but once learned the method can be used to make your own creations. For more information visit or contact Kathy at 506-363-3560 or email
 free motion embroidery  iris

fireweedlady slipper


3-d thread applique



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