Techniques in Applique

Perfect the use of fusible webs and sewing machine satin stitch and then move on to learn methods that look like hand applique. You will learn to use both freezer paper and dressmaker’s interfacing and to attach invisibly using the blind stitch. You will go home with a sampler of applique techniques.


Wall quilt. Juried into the 2008 Canadian Quilters’ Association National Juried show. Size 38 by 29 inches.

Creating Landscapes

Learn some of the fundamentals of landscape creation such as composition, and choosing fabrics to create depth and perspective. Create a landscape from your own photograph or use my pattern. You can use fusible web to attach the pieces or learn methods of using freezer paper and the blind hem stitch. The piece can be quilted or stitched and framed.


landscape 365 px

Create a landscape using my pattern or design your own. This can be quilted or stitched and framed.  Design considerations such as composition, depth, choosing colours to enhance perspective will be discussed.

Creating Buttons

Buttons for webUsing inexpensive tools, learn to make one of a kind buttons and embellishments such as broaches. With polymer clay, you will create a number of different button styles, including those with and without shanks. Skills learned can be used in jewellery making. If you knit, crochet, or just want to make unique buttons for a garment, this class will help get you started.