Thread Painting One

Students learn the basics of free motion embroidery on their regular zigzag sewing machine to create  landscapes. They will complete a sampler (seen to the left) as they learn to make grasses, leaves, flowers, weeds, trees, etc.  They can spend the entire day perfecting their skills or  start a simple landscape. Comprehensive notes are provided.        

About admin

I strive to recreate nature's beauty realistically in my work. Often inspired by my own photographs, I paint a scene on fabric and bring it to life using thread, working with a domestic sewing machine. The needle becomes my paintbrush as I move the fabric freely. While my artistic medium is primarily thread, my painted fabric backgrounds support the production of landscapes and life-like three-dimensional images of birds, wildlife and portraits. My wish is to transport the viewer to a unique place, whether it is a forest stand, a beach delivering the glories of a morning sunrise, or a backyard hosting our joyous songbirds. Oh, and I love to teach!
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